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Churros with Chocolate


Churros with Chocolate Best of all Granada

located in a historic square Bib-Rambla …

alhambra granada

The Plaza Bib-Rambla is a cento emblematic square of Granada, with typical flower stalls, terraces, restaurants and cafes (including the iconic cafe and restaurant Alhambra), potential markets, extensive vegetation, magnificent fountain and a large number of people of all ages … make this place a great place to spend a family evening.
History of the Plaza Bib-Rambla:
Let’s go back to the seventeenth century which was the scene of bullfights, where they took part in the fighting, noble knights.
Traveling more back to the fifteenth century right after the reconquest, would mute witness to a book burning.

It has been a common practice throughout history, to erase the memory of the vanquished. This particular befell now 512 years ago.
Cardinal Cisneros, along with the torture, the pressures imposed and forced conversions, assaults the Madrasa, founded by Yusuf I University and public sends fire burning in your library. We talk about 5000 copies.

bibrambla_historiaRodrigo de Zayas in his book The Moors and state racism said: “Libraries and archives were burned Moorish kingdom. Once destroyed his written report, they only had oral transmission to preserve its historical identity … ”
Later also would be barred from speaking Arabic.

GarcĂ­a Lorca, say on one occasion: “The conquest of Granada was a time sucked. Admirable civilization were lost, a poem, an astronomy, architecture and delicacy unique in the world … ”